Sometimes we “old-school” types get so caught up in traditional mindsets when it comes to books that we fail to see the opportunity forest for the trees. Count me among those slowly opening their eyes.

The new social media world has turned out to be a great venue for promoting all things books, including author appearances and promotional videos. It also provides a speedy way for me to spread the news that my true crime book, “Torture at the Back Forty,” is now available on Kindle through Amazon.

Another new feature on Amazon for “Torture at the Back Forty” is ability to read the first five pages of the book, view the back cover and more. It’s almost like picking up the book from the bookstore shelf and paging through it. The combination of these features should help sales of both the paperback and digital versions, which of course is a good thing!

Thanks for your support, and please feel free to forward this blog to your true crime-loving friends.