While my ability to adjust to virtually every writing need is my primary strength, there are several areas in which I have demonstrated a high level of expertise.

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Annual Reports

Annual reports provide a one-year snapshot in history and specify an organization’s key messages. Make your story one that your target market will want to read, not just look at the pretty pictures.

Creative Obituaries

Customize your obituary in a way that helps readers and family members feel the joy with which you lived your life. It’s much easier to do these in advance than after a loved one’s death. Check out the samples list and read the obit I wrote for myself!

Executive Ghostwriting and Speech Writing

Leaders and executives are people, too, and they don’t cherish writing assignments any more than the next person.

Feature articles

By combining descriptive, conversational language with information distilled to understandable chunks, I’m able to craft feature articles that don’t collapse under the weight of their content.

Golf Writing

Those who love the game enough to read about it can tell the difference between a writer who shares their emotion and one who’s just going through the motions.

Medical Writing

Creating an appropriately written medical piece can mean the difference between a successful promotion and a waste of money.

Press Releases

I work with your team to generate press releases or act as a media coordinator on an as-needed basis, providing professional communications at a fraction of the cost.

Promotional Materials

Effective promotional copy engages the reader in a lively exchange of emotion while injecting just enough information to get your point across.

Video Scripts

Writing for video requires a specialized skill set consisting of top-notch interviewing ability and a writing style that’s easy on the ears.