Until you experience it for yourself, it’s hard to imagine how much time and effort goes into the promotional efforts surrounding a book release. There’s the push for media attention, the requests for bookstores to carry it, and various online promotions – such as writing this blog entry!

Part of the post-release festivities include distributing and mailing copies of the book to friends and family, along with some of the people who helped out during the research phase of the book.

In just the past two days, I’ve spent time at the local Barnes and Noble to sign books, given a presentation to one of the local Optimist clubs, bought padded envelopes to mail out several copies of the book (including a run to the post office with a stack of said envelopes), and communicated with other regional outlets regarding future appearances.

Torture at the Back Forty (my new true crime release) was the #1 selling title at our local Green Bay, Wis., Barnes and Noble store the last three weeks. That’s very cool, but it didn’t happen by accident. A nice newspaper review and great interview on a local morning TV show helped the cause greatly, and we have a wonderful relationship with the Community Relations Manager at our Barnes and Noble.

Within the next few weeks, I’ll be off to do appearances at bookstores in other parts of Wisconsin where portions of my book’s story took place. I’ve created a chart to track all my commitments and contact information for the various bookstores and media outlets with which I’m in contact.

Sometimes it’s enough to make your head spin, but it’s fun at the same time. After all, if no one wanted to carry my book or hear my story, the past year and a half of effort would’ve been in vain. Bring it on!