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If public speaking is the most feared experience for most people, then putting their writing skills on display for the world to see isn’t far behind.

Leaders and executives are people, too, and they don’t cherish writing assignments any Exec ghostwriting imagemore than the next person. They fear their writing skills aren’t as refined as they’d like them to be (a valid concern), and they certainly don’t want to take the time to do it.

That’s where a professional writer comes in. I can remove a major source of stress and time commitment – oftentimes for the communications team as well – while providing a finished product that makes the leader look like an accomplished scribe and sound incredibly sharp at the microphone.

My process involves spending some time with the leader or their representative, identifying the major issues we need to cover and the audience for whom it’s intended, and creating a draft.

I can literally hear the exhale of relief when I tell people all they’re responsible for are bullet points.

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