“Torture at the Back Forty”

“Torture at the Back Forty”


Margaret Anderson was a divorced mother with a teenage son, scraping out a very modest existence in early 1980s Green Bay, Wisconsin, when a night out during the holiday season turned into a nightmare. Before the next day would dawn, Margaret would become the victim of one of the most horrific murders in Green Bay’s history.

She would endure two hours of torture at the hands of four motorcycle club members inside the Back Forty tavern after closing time, before being driven to a manure clean-out area outside a meat packing plant on the edge of town. There, one of the bikers cut her throat and left her for dead in the snow of a brutally cold winter night.

But Margaret Anderson was a fighter, and she was determined to survive. She staggered back onto the road in search of help, walking about 200 feet before her loss of blood became too much to withstand.

Torture at the Back Forty tells the story of the dogged pursuit of Margaret Anderson’s killers by members of Green Bay’s law enforcement community, in cooperation with other departments around Wisconsin.

Their efforts spanned almost five years and included everything from undercover work in the northwoods of Wisconsin to succes with a new television program at the time, America’s Most Wanted.

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