Ronald Jaseph Creative Obituary

(Note: Ron is still very much alive.)

It’s the Lord’s turn to put up with Ron’s sense of humor now.

Ronald S. Jaseph, who never met a pun he didn’t like, passed away recently after a lifetime filled with laughter, challenges and more laughter. His siblings didn’t take him seriously in life – neither did anyone else, really – so they’re certainly not going to start now.

Ron had an unusual childhood in that he had five mothers to spoil him rotten and no brothers to put him in his place. Born July 6, 1955, in Green Bay, Wis., to the late Ronald and Eleanor Jaseph, Ron Jr.’s other “mothers” were his older sisters Ann, Ellen, Mary and Jean – collectively known as “The Jaseph Girls.” The spitting image of his father, Ron and his dad both loved to eat, drink and be punny.

Ron was a late baby, brought into the world no doubt to remind his family that life shouldn’t be taken so seriously. Unfortunately, Ron inherited his father’s “gift” of turning the most innocuous comment into the most groan-worthy pun imaginable. This talent was at the same time impressive and exasperating. At least Ron was able to amuse himself, so he had that going for him. He always had the last laugh, with the notable exception of this tribute. If he sneaks in a comeback to this, we’ve got a real story.

A 1973 graduate of Green Bay West High School, Ron ran track and cross country, and was a pretty good golfer before his knees decided they no longer had a use for cartilage. His crowning high school sports moment came when he won a mile race on the old cinder track at West, then collapsed in a heap of cinder dust as soon as he crossed the finish line – undoubtedly more for dramatic effect than out of exhaustion. We’ll give him the benefit of the doubt that it was a very hot day, but it was only a mile for cryin’ out loud.

Ron became a radiologic technologist after graduating from the St. Agnes School of X-Ray Technology in Fond du Lac, Wis., and married the former Mary Diamond in 1977. The couple raised three awesome children, Ryan, B.J. and Lara, who were the pride and joy of his life.

After living in Colorado from 1979-83, where Ryan and B.J. were born, the family moved to Tyler, Texas, in time for Lara’s birth and stayed for 13 years. Ron earned his business degree and switched to the sales end of the business, working as a representative for an x-ray supply company. The family then moved to Albuquerque, N.M., in 1996, where the kids finished their high school educations, and Ron and Mary furthered their careers.

Ron had a big heart and an undying love for his family. Above all, he understood that life was a brief gift from God, and that it should be enjoyed to its fullest. His motto was: “Enjoy the moment for what it’s worth.”

This fun-filled sendoff was approved by Ron prior to his death. He requests that you remember the joy with which he lived his life, and have peace in knowing he lives today in paradise with the Lord.

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