Creative Obituaries Celebrate Life!

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If you’re like most people, you have prepared a will and own some life insurance to ease the Obits imageburden on your loved ones in the event of your untimely passing. But what about preparing your obituary?

These self-written obituaries are called “selfie obits,” “auto-obituaries” and “self obituaries.” Odd as it sounds, it’s never too early to prepare your life’s story for publication just the way you want it.

We all know people who have passed away unexpectedly, leaving the sad task of writing their obituary in the hands of a mourning relative or unimaginative funeral director.

I’ll work with you to customize your obituary in a way that helps readers feel the joy with which you lived your life. Better yet, no one will cringe after reading a section you never would have included had you had a say in it.

Of course, I also do creative obituaries on short notice if your loved one has just passed away. There are several examples of these on the examples list for you to review.

Preparing an obituary ahead of time is your chance to get everything mentioned you want, while having the time freedom to tell your story the way you want it told. Think about it: who knows best the essence of your life and what’s important to you? Only you do.

You can even take this opportunity to have a little fun if you’d like. Check out the examples page and see if they don’t give you a chuckle and leave you with an upbeat feeling. I even have mine there for you to read.

A creative obituary provides your survivors with one last good memory of a life well lived. Let’s celebrate your life!

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