In nearly everyone’s home town, there seems to be that rare murder case where everyone has virtually same reaction many years later: “Oohh, I remember that one.” It’s stated with a tone of dread and apprehension, almost as if the mere mention of the case will MA-1982-solosomehow make it happen all over again.

In the case of Green Bay, Wisconsin, that true crime story is the Margaret Anderson murder from Christmas 1983. Although I was only a goofy 20-year-old at the time, fresh out of college and blissfully unaware of the seamy side of life, there were aspects to this hideous crime that caught even my attention.

This wasn’t your ordinary small-town murder – it was brutal, violent beyond imagination, and replete with a cast of characters you just can’t make up. Bikers, north woods manhunts, even “America’s Most Wanted” in its first season to track down the last of the four suspects. This case had it all.

Fast forward 25 years, and Margaret’s story has become the subject for my true crime book, “Torture at the Back Forty – The Gang Rape and Slaying of Margaret Anderson.” Margaret’s story and the account of the fascinating investigation that followed was released August 7, 2009, by TitleTown Publishing. You can order it by clicking the Amazon link on the upper right side of the page. Check it out!

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